About The Global Forum on Incontinence

The GFI is a leading global forum for education and debate on incontinence and continence care, initiated and supported by Essity[1]. It aims to bring together all stakeholders affected by the condition and involved in driving patient outcomes, highlight different perspectives and place incontinence higher up the healthcare agenda so patients can receive improved quality of care.

Previous GFI Seminars


2006    The Ageing Barometer, London

2008    Incontinence – a challenge to society, Nice

2010    Choosing the right direction, Prague

2012    Strategies through life – an integrated approach to incontinence care, Copenhagen

2014    Better care, better health – towards a framework for better continence solutions, Madrid

2016    Sustainable health and social care – the role of continence care in enabling independent and dignified living,Berlin

2018   Driving outcomes in continence care – creating a win-win for patients, carers and health systems, Rome 


[1] Declaration of Support: The GFI was initiated and is supported by Essity (formerly a SCA Group company). Essity does not maintain any editorial control of the outputs of the forum, but has a responsibility to check the copy of any written materials or associated publications for factual accuracy.

The GFI focuses on the topic of incontinence and continence care and is not expected to endorse or otherwise promote Essity products or solutions. Any opinions expressed publicly by the GFI are an outcome of stakeholder discussions at the fora and do not reflect the opinions of Essity.