7th GFI Stakeholder Perspectives on how to implement KPIs into practice

Posted: 02 July 2018

Article During the 7th Global Forum on Incontinence, participating country delegations discussed how to implement the developed set of 14 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for toileting and containment strategies into national practice.

The role of toileting and containment strategies in the day to day management of incontinence is crucial to help achieve independent and dignified living for people with incontinence, provide care which is effective and efficient and as a results secure best utilization of available resources in the health and social care system. A win- win for patients, carers and health and social care systems.

The outcomes of the country discussions can be found in the below attached document: Stakeholders Perspective Document 7th GFI.

Stakeholder Perspectives Document 7th GFI 02072018.pdf