Summary document GFI 2018

Posted: 18 June 2018

Article The Impact of the 7th GFI

The 7th Global Forum on Incontinence ‘Driving outcomes in continence care – creating a win-win for patients, carers and health systems’ made a significant contribution to advancing the continence care debate, building on the progress of previous years.
Over 300 highly engaged stakeholders, united by a common goal, came together to participate in a productive and pragmatic set of discussions.

Delegates learned about the scale of the challenge, the rising incidence in the context of an ageing population and the fact that few people find a cure. This placed the spotlight on the importance of delivering good care in a way that meets the individual needs of patients and the fact that a good continence strategy should be composed of a combination of toileting and containment so people can preserve their dignity and independence.
The new KPI framework on toileting and containment strategies was extremely well received by everyone. Delegates were genuinely excited about the prospect of integrating these KPIs into existing health and social care systems and finding ways to practically adopt them.
As in previous years, the GFI performed its role as a source of inspiration and stimulus for fresh thinking. It has now armed those who attended with a set of tools they can begin to work with and apply practically. Now the hard work begins to move the needle…
Over the next couple of years until the next GFI, it is hoped that all those involved in delivering and shaping care will act as ‘change agents’ to drive sustained improvement in the quality of care for people with incontinence.
By applying the thinking from the conference, working with the KPIs day-to-day, learning from the process and the challenges encountered along the way and sharing experiences, real progress will be made.

On behalf of all those involved in making this year’s event possible we would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic participation. Looking to the future, the possibilities for change are really exciting if everyone plays their part. Let the transformation begin!

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