6th Global Forum on Incontinence – Berlin 2016

Sustainable health and social care: the role of continence care in enabling independent and dignified living

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The 6th GFI Conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 19-20 April 2016. 

The preliminary program for the 6th Global Forum on Incontinence (GFI) entitled “Sustainable health and social care: the role of continence care in enabling independent and dignified living” is now available here.

When and where?
The next GFI will take place at the Hotel Scandic Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany, on 19-20 April 2016.

Who should attend?
Policymakers, health and social care providers, payers, experts and representatives from patient groups, carer and civil society organizations who want to learn about the burden of incontinence on individuals and society and how they can contribute to improving and delivering the best possible care for people living with incontinence.
Participation in the conference is by invitation only.

What is the scope and the aim of the conference?
In the context of today’s ageing societies and long term care, the 6th GFI will focus on improving the provisions and quality of services for people in need of continence care enabling independent and dignified living.
In particular, policy makers, experts, patients, carers, payers and other key stakeholders will come together to discuss shared objectives and next steps towards a new paradigm in continence care. The Conference will focus in particular on transforming the delivery of continence care services including key quality principles, measuring outcomes as a key driver of improving the care for people with incontinence, and new funding opportunities and solutions. The conference will aim to foster consensus on the way forward towards better continence care that can be implemented in different local health and social care environments.

In addition to key note presentations, panel debates, Q&A sessions and break-out sessions, the program will allow for productive and interactive debate throughout the conference, giving all participants the possibility to contribute to finding solutions.

For further information regarding the program, speakers etc. we will continuously update this webpage - welcome to visit us soon again.

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