7th Global Forum on Incontinence

Driving outcomes in continence care – creating a win-win for patients, carers and health systems

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The aim of the 7th GFI is to explore how the different and often competing perspectives of patients, carers, policymakers and payers can be reconciled, to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care provision.

In the context of today’s ageing societies and long term health and social care needs, the conference will focus on how to improve the provision and quality of services for people affected by incontinence so that they can live dignified, independent and active lives, while also creating a win-win for patients, carers and health systems in improving value for money health outcomes. 

Through a combination of key note speeches, presentations and interactive sessions, delegates will hear from a wide range of experts with different experience of receiving, funding, planning and delivering care.

They will understand why incontinence should be seen as a critical health and social care priority, participate in discussions around standardized assessment and outcome measures for good continence care and discover good practice examples of care in action. They can also take part in country break-out sessions to define, measure and translate a quality framework for continence care services into national practice.

Participation is by invitation only.

Date & venue

17-18 April 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel, Rome, Italy             

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